He was my senior in CET (College Of Engineering, Trivandrum) and in the same branch. He was a very brilliant and bright student. He used to explain to me all the subjects in civil engineering especially structural design. We knew each other even before I joined CET. I knew him right from childhood. During my school days, he used to help me with Maths. Whenever I cried due to a small cut on my finger, he used to tell me that I should be strong and not cry even if I had a big bleeding wound.

His love for writing, singing, drawing, painting, pencil sketching, gardening, and teaching were incomparable. He also used to make beautiful curios out of waste items. I always looked up to him and he was my role model!

We used to talk about a lot of things including politics, financial matters, world as well as Indian history, and so on. He always encouraged me to speak up about what I believe in! He encouraged me to be myself and I used to enjoy each and every moment with him. He used to always take me out even while shopping for hardware, paints, car spare parts, and so on, and ensure that I understood the ‘look and feel’ and names of each item. Our friendship grew day by day. We were inseparable! He was my first true love.

He always supported my ideas and interests. He recognized my accomplishments and talents. He advised me to keep believing in my abilities and keep moving towards my dreams. He always encouraged me and was there to give me a little push whenever I needed it. He used to empower me with little actions. He transformed me. It’s because of him, I am what I am today! He was everything to me: my hero, teacher, inspiration, and best friend. BTW, I call him ‘Papa’. He was 30 years senior to me!

Papa didn’t show any difference between bringing up my elder brother and me. He made sure that I understood the world of finance from a very young age. He would help me take my savings to deposit at the bank. Thus I started my first savings bank account after my 10th grade depositing the school caution deposit of 50 rupees! Though we had a car at home, Papa relied on public transportation as far as possible. He insisted that we use it too. Little did I know then that he was equipping me to face the real world! Papa left the physical plane on 29th August 2016. I am clueless about the mode of transportation he opted for that!

Behind every strong woman is herself, but behind herself, is usually someone who helped shape her into the strong person she is. This person can be anyone. For me, it was my ever-loving Papa, my first love…my CET senior!

Miss you Papa!

No one in this world can love a girl more than her father ~ Michael Ratnadeepak


  1. This is the best tribute a daughter can give to her father…. proud of u mini. U r right dear. He is the best and the first lover you got and he is the best guide too.
    I m really lucky to come to his home as another daughter. The immense amount of courage he imparted to me made this me who is writing this. He was so practical that it used to fascinate me.Nothing is impossible for him. The lessons of life he taught me.
    Spiritual journey for me was made easy by him. The knowledge he had in all fields was uncomparable. I miss that knowledge bank…..
    He was a great personality. Great soul…He is no more in this world
    But he lived through his children… through you…!!!

  2. Mineetha when I saw the title of your I knew who was your first love. Anyway good tribute from a loving daughter he will be happy where ever he’s now.


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