It has been a while since I posted anything on my blog! It was not intentional and happened just like that. I think I am a lazy blogger! I was even planning to publish an anniversary post in November to celebrate the completion of my first year of blogging! Though I started my blog in September 2017, I shared it with friends and family only on 14 November.

But this November I had to go to my native land Trivandrum for getting the interiors done for my apartment. I wanted to devote full attention to the task, so I didn’t take my laptop or iPad along. Though the initial plan was to stay only a week, I had to extend it by two more weeks due to a combination of facts. But due to my passion for interior design, I felt as if the days were flying! So it was a blessing in disguise!

During my stay in Trivandrum, I was able to attend a get-together of my old classmates from college. It was really fun. Even though we crack the same jokes each time we meet, the duration of laughter gets longer and longer! Beyond all that, I could meet my best friend in college after a long gap of 10 years, though we didn’t feel so. Thanks to social media!

Last week some of my friends messaged me asking when my next post will be ready. I told them that as I was travelling, I wasn’t getting enough time to write! But it was not a hundred percent true. It was more of an excuse! The fact is that I just can’t write blog posts on paper. I need my laptop or at least the ‘Evernote’ app on my phone. And above all, I did not have any blog ideas then! I was fully immersed in interior designing. I think I am poor in multi-tasking!

But one thing I have to confess. Every day before sleeping, the writer in me was feeling very guilty of not writing even a single word. Even then, I made it a point to religiously read at least 1000 words per day at that time. I remember having come across the following lines somewhere. ‘If you scribble only when you feel like it, then one day you may become a poet, but you can never write a novel.’ So, I guess I’ll never be a novelist!

Last Sunday when I got back to Chennai, I met an old colleague. She asked me whether I get enough money through blogging. She wanted to know whether it is worth quitting a ‘decent’ job in IT for blogging! She also said she was jealous of me for having ‘lots’ of free time! I just smiled.

Back home, I recollected the reasons that made me start blogging last year. The most important point is that I want to do something creative every single day! I want to do something which makes me happy. I want to create memories. After all, life is not just about paying bills and then lying down to die!

I think it’s high time that I share the ‘behind-the-scenes’ moments of publishing my posts. I have to make a few confessions also! After I started blogging, I am always thinking about new ideas and topics to write about. I began observing people and their mannerisms more than earlier! I sometimes blackmail friends and family saying that anything they say in my presence may turn up in my next blog post 😉

Some of my best ideas come to me during the wee hours. Some nights (like today) I just stay awake to complete my post! Though I want to become a morning lark, day-by-day the blogger in me forces me to be a night owl! Even if my body wants to sleep, my creative mind is fully awake. Trust me, the title of this post came to me in a dream last night!

After finalizing an idea with the hope that it would go viral, I ask my son’s opinion. While moulding the perfect ‘viral’ blog, I completely forget my role as a homemaker. On some days, the breakfast plates remain on the dining table for hours! The length of the lunch menu reduces drastically. Sometimes even the laundry starts piling up!

Then comes the proofreading stage. My husband is my official proofreader. This is when both of us realize the poor compatibility between us. We curse the astrologer who matched the horoscopes for our marriage! My proofreader always suggests a better word for each word I have written. But I remain as adamant as I can. And often, keeping the stability of the family in mind, he has to yield. 

Then I do a thorough scan to make sure that the proofreader has not changed any words. I often Google words to check the spelling. I depend very much on ‘Grammarly’ and ‘Hemingway Editor’. I always lean on ‘’ for synonyms.

Next, I select an appropriate image for my post. Though I bought a ‘Nikon’ for the very same purpose, still I am relying on Pexels or Pixabay for free stock photos! I am still not confident enough to display my photographic skills in my blog!

After going through five or more cycles of rewriting, editing and proofreading, finally, I decide to publish the post. I can honestly say that even now I get butterflies every single time I hit the ‘Publish’ button. Immediately after publishing, I read it on my iPad with the mindset of a reader! Last but not least, each time you, the reader, ‘like’ something I post, comment on it or share it with someone, it makes everything I do worth the effort, and I feel really happy! Thank you for all the love and support.

Sitting at home in front of my laptop and browsing through my own blog now, I have the feeling of having ‘lost and found’ — the writer in me!

Happy empty nesting 🙂

Whatever you decide to domake sure it makes you happy ~ Paulo Coelho

P.S. More travel plans are in the pipeline during the coming weeks; so I am not sure whether I can publish another post this month/year. So, a very happy and prosperous new year to you all!


  1. Miniiii….this one too good. Can’t help loving u for this blog!!!
    Backstage stories gives a great picture ofyou as a normal householder and that adds more beauty to your blogs… U r a great multitasker. I envy you for your creativity and your perseverance. Lot like your brother!!!
    U r the best dear!!!


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